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Future Geophysical
Data Technician



Future Soil and
Water Conservationist



Future Aerospace


What is STEM?

At the most basic level, STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math–but it means so much more than that. STEM represents opportunity for student scholarship and endless career options with a chance to work in fields that are changing and shaping the world.

Why is a STEM degree a good choice?

STEM is about ideas and innovation. It represents the future of local and global economies. In short, a degree in the STEM disciplines equates to incredible opportunities upon graduation–along with an income far above national averages. STEM is the pathway to a thriving future.


STEM-related job opportunities by 2018


new jobs in computer & math fields since 2007

Who should consider a STEM degree?

You! Who did you expect? STEM is for every student regardless of age, race, religion, orientation, or gender. The future of our STEM driven economy calls for both creative and critical thinkers alike––so whether you’re a right-brained writer or left-brain analytical, STEM has opportunities for you. Build a foundation in the STEM disciplines and take your love of learning and passion for adventure to the next level.



blue_elementOur STEM professors and educators at TCC are impassioned intellectuals with wide-ranging curiosities and diverse backgrounds. They are always (well, when not teaching classes or grading finals) ready to strike up a conversation about how your STEM path could be navigated given your current strengths and schedule. Find your mentor and make STEM part of your path.


blue_textbookAt TCC, we boast a pretty impressive list of courses and programs that are foundational in earning STEM degrees. Our classes feature incredible professors and projects whose aim is to prepare you for that next step, whether it’s the workforce or that transfer to a four year university.


blue_gradHere’s a little equation taken from the STEM playbook: 2+2=4. Okay, so that’s a pretty elementary equation but its deeper meaning is espoused regularly here at TCC. It means that 2 years at TCC and 2 years at university will get you that 4 year degree at a fraction of the cost when compared to attending all four years at a university. Now, that’s some pretty solid math and savings.